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Course Details

Learning computer science alone is hard -- and we can help. Each instructor-led course will provide in-person group instruction for students enrolled in Udacity CS101 which covers key concepts in computer science using the Python programming language.

Weekly two hour in-person class sessions are designed to reinforce your online learning. Your instructor, a top NYC developer, will reinforce key concepts in lecture and use in-class and live programming exercises to contextualize content and supplement the Udacity online curriculum. Each week, prior to attending class, students are expected to complete lectures and the assigned homework online.

With increased personal support from both your instructor and fellow classmates, students learn core computer science principles in 7 weeks with increased comprehension and classroom camaraderie!


No prior programming knowledge is required for this course. Your classmates and our staff will support you the whole way through (with in-person and online office hours)! We will learn this together!

However, be prepared to work hard and dedicate a minimum of 5 hours per week outside of class. You are expected to review the lectures and complete the weekly problem sets. Not surprisingly, those who have aspirations of becoming a developer will likely put in more time than more recreational coders.

Finally, there is pre-work required for all students to complete prior to the start of class.

Email us to get started on the prework.

Key Concepts

  • Variables and expressions
  • Boolean logic
  • Indexing and lists
  • Procedures and functions
  • Conditionals and loops
  • Hash function/dictionaries
  • Recursion
  • Classes


Weekly lectures (to be viewed at your leisure prior to the weekly session) are available on Udacity CS101. You will need to create an account on Udacity to access the lecture materials.


Courses are held in the offices of AlleyNYC, a co-working space based in Flatiron. The location is close to many major subway lines.

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500 7th Ave
Floor 17A
New York, NY 10018

Why Join Us?

Bringing Traditional Back

There's a reason "traditional" universities exist -- you learn better with others. Completion rates for online classes are typically 10% or less. We want to bring back the camaraderie and support of in-person classmates to online study.

Get Personal Attention

Your instructor will spend 2 hours/week with your group, and will be available for all online questions for the duration of your class. Plus, you have your classmates to learn from and lean on for support.

Save Money

Spend $700 for 7 weeks of in-person programming support. Compare that with over $3,000 at other specialty programming schools.

World-Class Curriculum and Support

We stand on the shoulders of giants in higher ed whom have made world-class lectures available online. Our instructors have deep professional experience to support and supplement the curriculum with their own insights and resources from the real world.

About the Instructor

Rohan round

Rohan Deshpande

Rohan Deshpande began his development career building research tools for professors at New York University. He was an early employee at NYC-based fashion startup Gilt Groupe, which has quickly become a leader in the luxury eCommerce space worldwide. He then went on to consult to a number of successful internet startups such as Ritani, GroupMe, TimeHop, Wantworthy, and Trendrr, helping them with their technology, product, and development processes.


Blythe round

Blythe Wilder

Harvard MBA

Combining the online resources of Udacity with a real life Instructor and classmates is an incredibly effective formula for learning. Taking CS101 helped refresh and reinforce the CS material I learned many years ago, and did so in a much clearer and more practical way than prior classes I've taken. A beginner would also benefit from and enjoy the class - the concepts were so well articulated in both the classroom and the online setting that it made the material feel very approachable for people from many different backgrounds.

Allan izzo round

Allan Izzo

Assistant Director of Architecture at Friedland Properties

I had been looking to take an intro level CS class when I found about CS101 with Rohan. First, Rohan's credentials seemed perfect and I was right - he is a great teacher and quickly responds to all kinds of questions throughout the week. Second, the Udacity curriculum is what I was looking for as well. It is intensive but accessible. If you put the time in, you will get results! However good Udacity is though, the classes and access to Rohan is invaluable and really adds another level onto the experience. I plan to expand the basic skills I am learning in CS101 into more complex web development and this has been a great start.

Danielle Cohen-Shohet

Financial Analyst, Princeton University '12

CS101 is an ideal starting point for anyone seeking to develop their coding knowledge. Rohan has a great ability to weave practicality through the course lessons, applying his own personal industry experience to make a class environment that was interactive, fast-paced and rewarding. The course structure, which supplemented online coursework with in-person classes, was conducive to quick learning, as it allowed me to independently learn while also seeking new challenges with advanced material used in class.

Ryan mcmahon round

Ryan McMahon

Consultant, Growth & Innovation at Inzenka

I work in corporate services for a growth and innovation firm that identifies new opportunities (and builds businesses around those opportunities) for our clients. We often talk about digital solutions, but do not necessarily understand what work is involved from a programming perspective. I had always planned on using one of the many free online resources to learn to code but found that motivation was an issue -- it's easy to find a reason why you don't have the time when you don't have to commit to a live session. LearnCS101 provided the perfect blend of online and in-person instruction to learn Python.

I've wanted to learn to code for a long time, and there are certainly many free online resources to do so; however, I found that without an in-person component to keep me honest, I didn't put in the work needed on a regular basis to move forward. LearnCS101 brings together a great group of motivated students from all types of industries, and Rohan is a fantastic instructor. I actually found that the once-weekly sessions with Rohan were more beneficial than the online instruction, and both combined really leaves no room for excuses not to learn to code.

Leah Cohen-Shohet

Financial Analyst, Princeton University '12

From the first to last session, CS101 was engaging and practical. Rohan involved the class during his lectures so they felt more like coding with a first-rate programmer as opposed to listening to just another lecture. The course was also designed efficiently, allowing me to accelerate at my own pace, and providing additional instruction beyond that covered in the online course. Would highly recommend to anyone who is even considering this course.

Alex hoffman round

Alex Hoffman

Account Executive at BBDO | Proximity

Beyond my own curiosity, I enrolled in this course to better speak the language of developers and creative technologists - people I interact with daily. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

The combination of an online course supplemented with the highly engaging in-person meet-ups was a perfect fit for someone with a strong will to learn, but with limited time to take a full-time university course. Our instructor was an expert in the field, went out of his way to provide guidance on an individual basis and was always accessible.

I'd strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of Computer Science 101 and coding, whether for career, curiosity, or otherwise.

Varun gokarn round

Varun Gokarn

Equity Research Associate

I would recommend CS101 to anybody - but particularly to professionals who are exploring new career opportunities and want to pick up coding knowledge and useful skills. As an engineering undergrad, who went into finance straight out of college, CS101 allowed me to reconnect with some of the coding skills that I thought I had lost. I was able to apply many of the concepts I learned (e.g., pulling data from a website and into a spreadsheet) to help automate many of the things I do in my day job. I have a strong base in Python to now explore on my own, as well as to pick up other languages. The hybrid model of an online course combined with a dedicated instructor really works because you have the flexibility to work on your own time, but the discipline to complete assignments and ask questions on a regular basis. Rohan, our instructor, was really good at bringing in real world examples and expanding upon the drier concepts from the online lessons - emphasizing topics that were more relevant than others from a practical programmer's standpoint. I also met really interesting people from completely different fields through this course. Overall, CS101 is a fun, affordable way to broaden your horizons.

Laurence Latimer

Founder, LGL Growth Consulting

CS101 has helped me tremendously in becoming more effective working with developers. The class was small and friendly. Rohan has been great at bringing home the course material and sharing real world examples. I doubt I would have finished the course if it weren't for the CS101 community.

Online classes are like learning a new language from a textbook. You’ll learn something but when you try to speak it, you’ll figure out quickly that you didn't learn all that much. Rohan focused on providing a problem solving framework – the language -- that is fundamental to CS.

We all have access to the countless online resources to help developers find solutions to problems. For n00bs like me, that wasn't enough. When I got stuck, Rohan was always available to help with specific problems above and beyond the course work. That extra help with a particularly vexing problem saves countless hours of frustration.

Ryan wilder round

Ryan Wilder

Equity Research Analyst

I believe CS101 is a great option for anybody looking to be introduced to computer science in a rigorous fashion while still balancing separate professional responsibilities. The online lectures provided a thorough introduction to challenging new concepts, and the weekly evening classes with my course instructor, Rohan, were the perfect venue to work through all the questions I had along the way as I worked through the assigned problem sets. I went into CS101 barely understanding how a website functioned and ended up building a fully functioning internet search engine with my CS101 classmates! I am really looking forward to applying the skills I’ve developed in future endeavors.

Shane round

Shane Bonham

Senior Developer at Monk Development

Rohan helped our team go from zero to full speed with Ruby on Rails development. He covered the basics, and taught us the more advanced skills required to get our app deployed, but also helped us learn where to look to find answers to our problems that have already been solved by the amazing Ruby community. Thanks Rohan!

Beau round

Beau Randall

Principal Engineer at CareFusion

Rohan was my mentor on my first commercial Rails project. I've been programming professionally for over a decade in the medical device space. Under his guidance I feel that I've learned more in 4 months than in the prior 4 years.

Jeremy round

Jeremy Kimball

Founder of Hatch'd

Rohan developed the entire Hatch'd app from scratch - all with ridiculous speed. We went from mockups to a functional app in just a few weeks and then to a polished product in a few months. Rohan has a passion for tackling technical challenges and has given us invaluable strategic and product-side advice. Along the way, he has taught me the skills important for non-technical founders to know and connected me with terrific resources. I absolutely recommend him!

We're Hiring!

CS101 Python Instructor (part-time)


Join us as our second lead Python instructor! You will be responsible for leading students through core principles of programming using Python.


  • Strong communication skills
  • Formal teaching experience preferred
  • 3+ years of professional work experience as developer
  • Intermediate knowledge of Python
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Passionate about teaching beginners how to code
  • Open to feedback

Job Responsibilities

  • Commit to a minimum of 5 hours per week per class taught
  • Drive improvements in student learning and community experience
  • Create and refine in-class curriculum and exercises
  • Answer questions live and via online channels
  • Support overall brand, marketing, and company strategy

To Apply

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